M2 hydraulic door closer hinge flag shape red copper

M2 Hydraulic door closer hinge(flag shape)



1. Closing speed adjustable in different occasions to secure safety entry of the old and disable.

2. Anti-pinch function: closing speed will obviously slow down at 25° even when external force or strong wind applied to the door.

3. Working temprature -30~60℃.

Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge (M2)

Compliant with CE EN1154

Suitable for various of security doors, fire doors, bathroom doors and other decoration projects.


Series Suitable door

weight (kg)

Suitable door

width (mm)

Structure Function  
M2-40 40 850 Spring x 1 Hydraulic x 1   Hold

open at 90°

3 Speed Hydraulic adjustable  
M2-60 60 850~1000 Spring x 1 Hydraulic x 1 Empty x 1
M2-80 80 1000 Spring x 2 Hydraulic x 1  

Note: Material is quality carbon steel

Type: Flag shape

Max. opening angle: 180°

Color: Silver / Gold lacquer, Red copper




Issues you most concern

1. No oil Leakage: imported seal material, delicate structure, process control on quality.

2. Anti-pinch function: hydraulic flow control.

3. Load capacity: advanced heat treatment technology and quality for inner parts.

4. Lifespan: 100,000 cycles, precision manufacturing technology, small but powerful torsional springs, durable hydraulic design.


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