D1-100 Concealed floor spring (hydraulic patch/100kgs)


1. Bottom patch and floor spring function combined, no need to dig the ground, easy installation and saving labor.

2. Unique base design, 5mm backward and forward, 7mm left and right, 5° alignment adjustment.

3. Opening angle of 140°double action, 90°hold-open, 2 speeds adjustable.  No.1 closing speed: 85°- 30° No.2 soft closing speed: 30°- 0°.

4. SS304 cover plates 1mm thick, rust resistant, no ponding on the floor and easy to clean.


Non Digging Concealed Floor Spring / Hydraulic patch


Compliant with CE EN1154

Model selection(according to door weight and width)

Model No. Finish Suitable door

weight (kg)

Suitable door


D1-100S Satin ≤100 ≤1000 Glass door in hotel,office,mall etc,

thickness of 10-15mm

D1-100M Mirror ≤100 ≤1000 Glass door in hotel,office,mall etc,

thickness of 10-15mm

Issues you most concern:

1. No oil leakage: imported seal material, manufacturing precision controlled within 0.005 and 0.01mm, process control on quality.

2. Anti-wind capability: precision manufacturing technology ensure strong closing force.

3. Load capacity: quality assembling parts and reasonable structure.

4. Lifespan: 500,000 cycles, quality spring and reasonable structure.

Packing information:

Qty: 6pcs/ctn

Meas: 43.5*26*17cm

G.W.: 16kgs


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